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Startup Tech Hubs / Tech hubs for Quick Startups in London

October 7 2013

Startup Tech Hubs / Tech hubs for Quick Startups in London

The importance of startups is certain to add value to the idea of Tech Hub. One would definitely use this service. The big companies such as Microsoft and Amazon are certain to add to the substance and stability of Tech Hubs. The whole idea of Tech Hubs was to get together people with like mind set to a successful and bright future. . This has seen this particular business flourish into a million dollar business. This certainly points out the monetary part as well. For more info, browse here.

The whole technology had to be supported by the mentality of the group concerned. This concept as like other ones was born from the need of having quality Tech Hubs. This requirement developed from the fact that the usual meeting in restaurants or similar places was not productive enough and lacked the penetration power, matched against the need of the hour.

These funds were very helpful in many ways. Luckily, an organization that delivers details about musical invents stepped in which saved the project; this corporation was no other than Songkick. But, to make this project successful, the supply of finances was vital. Whenever a fresh project is started, there are many disadvantages involved, and there are probabilities of breakdown too. It is believed that people involved in the tech world are probably not enthusiastic investors; therefore, it was required to get rid of this notion and build an environment where an increasing number of investors were comfortable and keen to make investments. The transformation of the Tech City from any dream into a actuality was due to the huge requirement of Tech Hubs and the geographical position of London. It was the first ever investment of Seqoia Capital in London Tech Hubs. The presence of these finances provided the steadiness to the venture, and also built the confidence in various other agencies to make investment in this venture. Thanks to the hard work made by Songkick, funds worth of $18 million were raised from an American company called Seqoia Capital.

Bonhill road was the location of Google in this city. This was seen to aid to draw finances apart from advertising the positives as well. Google in the mean time enters the picture in 2012. This facet saw the increase in enthusiasm amongst the fresh agencies. This witnessed the entry of big names like Amazon, Microsoft among others. The administration in the mean time aided the cause with a princely sum of 50 million pounds. This office was a seven storied building open 24 X 7. This city offered the best of advertising organizations aside from the huge financial market that in turn aided to make this location one of the best for business and fresh house of ideas. The cash prize of 1 million pounds for the most promising new company.

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