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  • New Google Chrome Remote Desktop App

    21 April 2014 ( #Technology )

    Google is one of the largest E-commerce companies in the world, starting out as just a simple search engine; it now has a host of online services, a web browser, electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets, and computers, and much more. The company has...

  • Startup Tech Hubs / Tech hubs for Quick Startups in London

    07 October 2013

    The importance of startups is certain to add value to the idea of Tech Hub. One would definitely use this service. The big companies such as Microsoft and Amazon are certain to add to the substance and stability of Tech Hubs . The whole idea of Tech Hubs...

  • How Programmers Overview Native Apps and Mobile Cloud Apps

    03 June 2013

    Specific development steps and specific programming languages need to be used for promoting native apps. NET Compact Framework are the various tools which are used for developing native apps, and other programming items are provided by PhoneGap and Sybase....

  • Startup Tech Hubs / Tech hubs for Fast Startups in London

    01 October 2013

    Tech City of London was the fruit of startups. This heart of the tech hub is accountable for all the finances which are drawn in aside from the big names in the trade. The different developments in the Tech city are proof of the sincere work of the jurisdiction...

  • Mobile cloud apps vs. native apps: Get developer's perspective

    12 August 2013

    Additionally, native apps may take advantage of the most recent functions found on the mobile device that is a perfect benefit over mobile cloud apps. Web connectivity will not be needed for native app. Native apps are produced for particular equipment...

  • How Creators Overview Native Apps and Mobile Cloud Apps

    15 July 2013

    One can easily choose to either install native apps directly from application stores or perhaps shop them directly on the smart phone. Native apps are always installed directly, and right now there tend to be different versions of native apps for various...

  • Origination of Tech hubs / London Tech hubs for Accelerated origination

    14 November 2013

    The basic concept of all these Tech Hubs is to have a useful atmosphere where people with common interests and similar thinking make and develop plans for highest output. This is a steadily growing idea, yet to attain the prominence of Silicon Valley....